Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization refers to the concept of bringing more unpaid traffic to your website. This type of traffic is known as organic traffic and it’s the best type of traffic for business owners or any website. It is estimated that at least 75% of all Google searchers find what they need on the first page of search results. For business owners this translates into higher conversion rates and most likely better sales performance than their competitors. These businesses enjoy a consistent amount of organic traffic to their website and greater exposure to their products and services.

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OUR SEO Services

SEO is a key aspect of your online presence strategy. With the right content, the appropriate keywords and some good inbound links you can truly give your business a boost.

Remember, if you’re on the second, third or fourth pages in search results chances are that customers will not find you. They will however, find all the competitors that were on the first page and most likely give them a call for what they need.

We offer several SEO plans that can make a difference. We can help you rank higher for 10 keywords, 15 keywords, 20 keywords, as well as any number of keywords you want to rank higher for.

We work closely with you to determine the best keywords to focus on, to generate engaging content, and to ensure that your website is accessible to search engines.

There are several SEO companies out there offering services anywhere from $7 monthly, to $20 monthly. We’ll be perfectly transparent with you; those plans do not work.

They simply put together a generic list of common SEO practices and ask you to follow their provided instructions. Nothing you couldn’t find for free by simply doing some research.

We take a different approach. Once we start working on your SEO, we dedicate a technical specialist to double-check that your website can be indexed by search engines, we begin adding the appropriate keywords and content and continue to monitor and improve until we have you ranking on the first pages for the right target words.

This process does not happen overnight. It takes patience and continuous improvement to reach that first page. We typically recommend investing in a SEO plan for at least two months to ensure that you get results you’ll be happy with.

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LOCAL SEO Services

If you operate a business that focuses on serving a local area only, we have several solutions that can help.

Google offers an extremely valuable service called Google MyBusiness.

This service allows you to create a free business listing with your location, website, phone number, business hours and even some photos to showcase your expertise. This service is free to all and if properly implemented can become a very powerful tool for SEO and generating new customers.

We can help manage this business listing for you. We offer an affordable local SEO option to optimize your listing and outrank any competitors.

Please feel free to conduct some research to learn more about this powerful tool.

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