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Global Business Network LLC was founded in early 2018 by Jorge Carcamo, Steven Coolbaugh, and Carl Kellar.


Global Business Network LLC was founded in early 2018 by Jorge Carcamo, Steven Coolbaugh, and Carl Kellar.

Operating from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and hoping to touch every town in the United States and the world; Our core function is to offer cost-effective, high-quality marketing and branding solutions to customers in all industries. 

Innovation, Problem-solving and creativity are at the core of our initiatives and thinking; We attempt to eliminate any existing assumptions when developing new solutions. 

This approach we believe will help us to better serve and understand you – our customer.

Jorge Carcamo

Jorge holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems from King’s College in the state of Pennsylvania. He has experience in the areas of customer service, operations, process improvement, client relations as well as sales. Currently he is working on a master’s degree through Pennsylvania State University in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Carl Kellar



Carl holds a bachelor’s degree in computers and information systems from King’s College in the state of Pennsylvania, as well as a master’s degree in software engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. 

Prior to becoming one of the founding partners of the GBN, Carl has held several positions for both nonprofit organizations as well as for federal and state government agencies. 

These positions have given Carl a wealth of experience in the fields of technology training, database administration, computer programming, and customer service.

Steven Coolbaugh

Steve attended King’s College in the state of Pennsylvania where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Systems. Throughout his professional career he has gained experience in customer service and client relations.

Our Mission

To Promote a globalized and interconnected Economy. 


Global Business Network LLC aims to become the number-one destination for advertising, business networking and the building of a globally-interconnected economy. 

We will reach 5% of the world markets in the first six years and aim to reach 15% in ten years.

Our Values

Our ambition is to become the world leader in marketing and advertising as well as business networking and connectivity.

Our Initiatives, decisions, and services will be guided by the principles of transparency, inclusion, innovation, and the appreciation of diversity.

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