Online Visibility and The Benefits To Business Growth

Online visibility refers to the process of generating traffic for your website or business.

It’s a collective effort consisting of creating good website content, sharing relevant info using social media, and generating exposure via business directory listings and good search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

The end goal is to help your website and business attract new relevant traffic and genuine interest in your service or product.

In other words, the end goal is to generate leads and increase sales.


We look at online visibility as a series of steps that contribute to your website and business’s overall online health and presence.

There isn’t an exact formula that will give you an instant boost in visibility.

Instead, think of it as a continuous part of your website and business growth.

We follow a simple but effective process for our clients and company to help boost online visibility.


SEO just means that you’re making your website accessible to search engines. You can make sure that your site doesn’t contain any broken links, you can double check your title and description tags, you can add alternative text to images so engines know what those photos are, and you can add relevant content so when potential customers land on your site they get wowed by your valuable information.

We see search engine optimization as a small but significant piece to the overall online presence process.

We don’t simply rely on good title tags or targeted descriptions to get results for our company or our clients. We think of SEO as the technical side of the online presence process.

By using good SEO practices, you are making it easier for search engines to find and index your data and present it to the appropriate users at a later time.


Target your local area and local customers, this way search engines will know to place your website content in front of those consumers near you.

With Google’s ranking algorithms constantly evolving, its impossible to guarantee the first spot in search results by purely using SEO strategies.

In more recent days, search engines including Google have shifted away from purely using keywords and meta tags to determine search results to a more localized approach. Sure, keywords and meta tags bring their own value but you can also help engines place your services and products in front of the people that are more likely to contact you when they find your business online by leveraging local listings and local business directories.

What good will it do you to be ranking in the first page of search results in Texas if you are a contractor based in Pennsylvania?

Absolutely no good. In fact, this might have a negative impact on your overall rankings as Artificial learning systems will consider your information to be irrelevant if nobody clicks on it.

This is where local SEO and rankings come into play.

Local SEO has such a large impact on attracting new leads and traffic that Google decided to offer consumers a free resource to help generate more local exposure for their business, further indicating the direction in which search engines are going.

Find local directories, create a professional profile that includes a description about your business, photos, hours of operation, and contact details.

Take advantage of Google MyBusiness (GMB) and take advantage of any other local business directories that can help send traffic your way.

Over time, these listings will start producing good results and good traffic.


Now that you have fixed any technical issues related to your SEO and have created any local profiles, the next step is to tell the internet about you.

We use a directory listing approach to help maximize results for our clients.

We find influential general-purpose business directories and industry-specific directories and list our clients on these sites to help bring attention to their website or business.

This strategy adds value to the overall visibility goal in 2 ways:

Firstly, these directories contain thousands of active daily users looking for one service or another – they put your business in front of the people that matter.

The second benefit is their influential power – they are trusted by search engines.

Our clients benefit from being found by users looking for their particular offerings and when those users click on the targeted website or business, this tells search engines that your website or business contains valuable information.

This in turn translates into search engines presenting your website and business to other users looking for similar services or offerings across the internet.

As we stated at the beginning, there is no exact formula to instantly boost your online visibility and presence but in our experience this approach produces great and steady results over time.


Interested in increasing online visibility?



    • 5 page informational site design.
    • New website will include a contact form, galleries and photos, and links to any existing social media profiles.
    • Monthly website maintenance and hosting.
    • Website backup and security.
    • SEO Ready website including title and description tags.
    • Weekly SEO Performance Report.
    • Creation of a google myBusiness Profile (if necessary).
    • Monthly Maintenance for Google myBusiness profile.
    • Adding website to 15 business directories including: Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, yelp, and many others.
    • Over 90 directories to choose from.
    • Monthly directory maintenance.
    • Will provide login info to all business listings.
    • Website submission to google.com for indexing and searching.


Price: $350.00 monthly.

*New domain registration and yearly renewal fees will be invoiced separately.

Leverage the power of design and local visibility to meet your business goals.

Get found everywhere and increase overall sales.

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