Our Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is the process of engaging with individuals that have shown interest in your service or product. Specifically, this is the process of getting those individuals to take an action, whether to call a business for a quote or a service request or filling out an online form and providing their contact details for businesses to connect with them. We take an active approach to lead generation. We use various platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook for business, Yelp advertising for business and LinkedIn ads to put your business, your services and your products in front of consumers looking for those particular offerings.

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OUR Process

We follow a simple but effective process for generating interest.

All leads are generated using online ads. We research your website, learn about your offerings, your contact details and your right keywords and audience.

This information is then translated into an online marketing campaign with the best targeting to get your ads in front of the right customer as they search for your offerings.

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We offer highly competitive and affordable lead generation services for businesses in all industries.

A dedicated landing page is created that includes details about your company, testimonials, a call to action (CTA), photos and your logo. This is how customers will be able to either call you or to fill out a form that will be sent directly to your inbox.

By using the most powerful and influential platforms we can make sure that our customers receive great exposure and even better results.

Our plans work using a fixed monthly budget, depending on your needs and how fast you want to grow.

Once we’ve decided on the right platform and what your sales goals are, we go over the monthly budget and how that budget will be used for engaging new customers.

There are no contracts and you can choose to stop or resume at any time.

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